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Efficient Lighting, Simplified

This article from the Summer 2013 issue of Eco Home magazine is one of the best, most concise summaries of the current state of residential lighting options.  It mentions the new Cree A19 bulb, two of which I recently purchased from Home Depot to see if they are for real. Cree continues to be a leader in the LED lighting category, and by releasing the A19 at this price point, they have made LED very accessible to a broader homeowner market. With a 10 year warranty and rated life well beyond that, these Cree LEDs can pay for themselves by not having to replace them every year or two.  Add to that the fact that they use 16-25% of the electricity of a regular incandescent, the money saved can add up quickly.  May advice is to buy a few at first just to test for yourself.  Then you can replace the old incandescent A19s as they burn out.  As technology improves LED costs are decreasing.

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EcoHome Magazine Efficient Lighting Article


Mon, August 5 2013 » Best Practices, Energy Efficiency, MA+SD, Residential

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