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Moreland Architecture
Moreland Architecture

Efficient Lighting, Simplified

This article from the Summer 2013 issue of Eco Home magazine is one of the best, most concise summaries of the current state of residential lighting options.  It mentions the new Cree A19 bulb, two of which I recently purchased from Home Depot to see if they are for real. Cree continues to be a […]

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Passive Solar Design

Sustainable, earth-friendly buildings are often thought of as only for those with extra money to toss around.  This does not have to be the case.  High-tech solutions such as solar photovoltaic panels and specialty high efficiency lighting can certainly drive up costs, but low-tech concepts need not.  If done well, they can actually save money. […]

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Welcome to the Official Moreland Architecture and Sustainable Design (MA+SD) Blog

For all those interested in Architecture and Design, and in particular Sustainable Architecture and Design, this blog is for you.  The intent is to further the public understanding of what good architecture is and how it can and should provide positive impact at both micro and macro scales.  As MA+SD is based in South Florida […]

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Miami Herald Article

Feature Project
Feature Project
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