Moreland Architecture
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Moreland on Trapp - LEED Products and Partners:

Moreland Architecture + Sustainable Design - In providing the full package of design, coordination, permitting, construction administration, LEED consultation, review and documentation services, and product review and specification, MA+SD has established itself as one of the premier sustainable architecture firms in South Florida.

Dominion Builders - Serving as General Contractor (GC), Dominion has been an integral part of MoT from the beginning. They have been conscientious and responsive while tackling unique issues as they arise. As an Energy Star Partner, Dominion brings energy efficiency and interior comfort insights to all phases of design and construction, and has been invaluable in keeping costs under control.

CGI Windows and Doors - With some of the highest design pressures for operable impact resistant residential windows and doors according to the rigorous third-party testing required for the Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance, CGI windows are a great compliment to strength of the solid concrete walls and roofs.  The available Low-E glass reduces heat gain into the interior while allowing optimal visible natural light through.

MacroAir - Chris Thach at CB Thach Company supplied and consulted for the installation of the beautiful 8 foot diameter Airvolution High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan which is used to very efficiently circulate large amounts of air throughout the interior. Being easily reversible at the touchpad controls is what set this fan apart from the competition and what allows us to pull hot air up and out the clerestory vent above, or blow down to reduce the need to operate an air conditioner.

Abender - Using on-site clean renewable energy solar panels to produce electricity provides MoT the opportunity to reach net zero electricity usage. Provided and installed by Abender, our Sunmodule photovoltaics and Enphase microinverters will supply the majority, if not all, of the power we need.

LEED PartnersLEED PartnersLEED PartnersLEED PartnersLEED Partners
Location: Coconut Grove, FL
Project Status: Completion for August 2014
Project Type: Single Family Residential
Moreland Architecture
Randall Moreland
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General Contractor
Mark Gemignani
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Impact Windows and Doors
Mike Wilson
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High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan
Chris Thach
CB Thach Co.
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Photovoltaics (PV)
Daniel Camacho
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